Director’s Message

Company’s existence is always at stake if it does not have well defined objectives and clear goals. The major drivers behind the initiation of this business are innovation, creative invention and maximization of job opportunities for the recent graduates.

The biggest dilemma of our society lies in the lack of job prospects for competent engineers and graduates of other fields. If by any means, an individual succeeds in getting a job, it would not be up to his worth. The work assigned regarding photocopying and maintenance of documents is not what a graduate studied fourteen years for.

However, the perception lying in the people’s mind negates this fact. They assume that right after getting an engineering degree, how can those graduates even expect a job with an exceptional package and incentives. Here the question arises; how come people with low qualification, ordinary communication skills, no expertise of their field and ignorant of the assigned work get the better jobs and grab the seats in the reputed companies they do not even deserve. This situation bothers the overall educated youth.

Job, merely for the sake of experience and getting a one liner at one’s resume is wastage of time and capabilities. Since the slightly better jobs ask for years of experience, youth is compelled to take up the work that is neither related to their field nor interests them. The experience can only count if a person works whole heartedly and with the anticipation of utilizing it in future.

I do not aim to target the less qualified people rather I have sheer objection with the prevailing unjust situation. The only thing I emphasize on is the professional and personal development of graduates from all the fields. Country’s overall progress is reliant on our talented youth. It is not about any individual; it is about the collective contribution we can make to turn the community to be able to stand side by side the most developed nations.

As a projectized company, I intend to make recent graduates work on multiple projects that match their qualification, area of interest and their competencies. We are inclined towards giving them the due experience they actually require. Besides, we will also offer paid and unpaid internships to help them gain hands on experience.

In order to achieve our mission, we look forward to the diverse projects from universities, companies and industries regarding improvement, innovation and invention related to any field.  Together we can make the educated and potential youth productive hence leading towards their embellished futures.